idX is Credify’s universal verified digital identity platform. This service enables users to take control of their PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Credify does not possess users’ PII in the Credify system, while users’ devices or data-providing services hold the PII.

There are a lot of social login tools like Facebook Login, Google Login, Twitter Login, etc. These tools depend on central databases, which are opaque to end users and susceptible to privacy abuses. Since Europe has GDPR and California has CCPA, it is clear that the world is heading toward a consumer-centric data paradigm. All companies handling personal data need to prepare for this shift.


Credify builds on the same interface (OpenID Connect) as these login portals. However, the key difference is that it does so in a way that assures end-users are sovereign. Even Credify has no visibility over end-users data; the relevant user can only share this with authorized third parties.

If your service has valuable data that other services are interested in accessing, you can integrate with idX and associate the data you hold with user accounts. Credify returns data ownership to users, enabling them to determine whether or not they want to share their data with any given service on the Credify network.

We believe this universal identity system will have you prepared for the upcoming privacy-preserving era and be a core to enable embedded finance services.

Business model

We focus on the Japanese market regarding idX sales. The business model is Whitelabel, so we charge the implementation cost and monthly maintenance fee.

The use cases will be a unified ID app for a conglomerate organization or a super app for a large organization with many services.

More information

We have a partnership with TIS Inc., and we launched a pilot project in Wakayama, Japan, in November of 2021.


和歌山県白浜町の施設で「自己主権型アイデンティティ」の実証実験を実施 | ニュースリリース | 2021年度 | ニュース | TIS株式会社

We have a developer's website for the integration information.

Credify for Developers